Microsoft must waited Build 2017 event is finally started and Microsoft is making it more interesting with its latest inventions, key notes and products launches.

On Wednesday, Technology giant Microsoft corp, has introduced its tool to democratizing Artificial intelligence, by allowing machine intelligence to embedded in hardware and software between smartphones games and factory floor space.

The latest development of programs that work with AI into Internet services like “Cloud” to make the use of the computing power on the nearby machines as the part of the vision of the US technology giant.

In an event, Microsoft VP for Artificial intelligence and research, Harry Shum said “We want to add AI in every product and the service we deliver from AI.”

“We are the cornerstone for the AI breakthrough wave that continues for more than two years.”

Microsoft wants deep inside into the areas which allowed the research to recognize the machine learning, speech recognition and “seeing” machines.

“Now, we are in unique in every position so that dozens of research exploits can be used,” he added.

Microsoft’s purpose is to work with businesses and software developers, or with students who are creating an entertaining application or professional technology team.

Moor Insights and Strategy principal analyst Patrick Moorhead said “Microsoft is trying to use AI for businesses to better align their business problems and application developers with implementations.”

“Amazon, Facebook and Google’s core business model is to sell your personal information using AI or put ads in front of you.” he added.

According to the analyst, Microsoft follows a unique approach by allowing gesture commands, voice recognition, and more to customize rather than adapt to the settings in “ready” AI.

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