A few weeks after the latest ransomware attack which affected nearly a millions of Windows computers and laptops, now a new virus have been found on Google Play Store.

A newly found virus called “Judy” was found in over 48 million Apps on Google Play Store, till now Judy has effected on 36.5 million android devices.

The ‘Check Point’ security research company¬† has first discovered the “malware Judy” and notify Google as well, even though Google has started removing apps infected from the Play Store, but the malware that affects the application. This application has more than 4.5 million downloads.

According to a blog published by Check Point, Judy Malware has evaded Google’s security checks for more than a year, as it was found in applications relating to April 2016.

The blog also claim that “Malicious applications have reached an amazing spread between 4.5 million and 18.5 million downloads. Some of the apps we discovered were permanently residing on Google Play, but all of them were recently updated.”

It is believed that Judy Malware was created by the South Korean firm Kiniwini. In fact, “automatic click of adware”, malicious software is designed to make money for developers by automatically clicking on ads through infected devices.

According to the researchers, Kiniwini uses the name ENISTUDIO corp on the Google Play Store.

The spread of malicious software poses a direct threat to Google’s reputation, since malware has been running for more than a year in its Google Play Store.

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