A ride hailing app, Uber Technology is now planning to allow its customers to request cabs by using calls and text messages. The San Francisco based Taxi  company is also experiencing the means to save a taxi through popular social and other chat options such as WhatsApp.

In an interview with ET, he company’s R & D center in Bengaluru is currently working on ways for people to book a Uber even without the application. “In India and other emerging markets, application is not the only way to get a Uber, there are other ways we communicate in India – we call, we SMS, We WhatsApp,” she added.

Adding to this, Dalal said “Uber is working on Ways Make a simple booking for different customer segments, such as elderly citizens who can not download the app.”

“We look at all of these domains – whether people do not want to download the application, who want to download the application but it must be very easy for them, people who are in inappropriate network areas and channels outside the application itself or SMS Chats, social media, etc., “Dalal said.

In the past, Uber gave up creating a call center for phone reservation in the country, despite cabs aggregation rules that required the same thing.

This step can be a way for the company to penetrate deeper into the Indian market, which is the largest for Uber after the US.

As per the Uber, point of view on “Dial the Uber” was quite positive, especially in second-tier cities, where users with functional telephones or limited access to data often used this service.

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