On Monday, Korea’s technology giant Samsung Electronics has said that it has not reached on a decision on investing to expand its 3D NAND product manufacturing facility in China.

3D NAND Flash memory – a type of flash memory in which memory cells are arranged vertically in multiple players.

South Korean technology giant manufacturer that is considering various options, including investments in NAND flash business in China. But nothing is clear nowadays.

The announcement was made by a regulatory agency at the request of a major Korean Exchange distributor. Earlier, according to rumors Yonhap reported.

Samsung said it would make further organizing related issues within months.

2nd largest computer chip company in the world has chosen to invest about 8.91 billion dollars in new production lines in China to meet growing demand.

Technology giants of South Korea accounted for 37.1 percent of the global NAND flash market, including 3D models in the fourth quarter of 2559.

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