With the signal to US President Donald Trump, to strengthen its efforts to help the environment, global technology companies still care for the climate, Apple has released its second “green” bond worth $ 1 billion .

Fortune on Tuesday said that Apple, with the new offer of “Green” bonds of Apple’s $ 1.5 billion released last year to run 100 percent of renewable energy, will be the only US dollar- The vested issuer will be made.

In a statement, Vice President of Apple’s Environment, Policy and Social Initiative and Former Head of EPA, Lisa Jackson said in a statement: “The leadership of the business community is necessary to overcome the threat of climate change and to protect our shared planet.”

She said, “We are excited to give investors another chance to invest in this important work.”

Last month, US president Trump had announced that the US would exit Paris’s climate agreement. This step was opposed by the Apple, along with Microsoft and Facebook, sent Trump a letter of protest by the US to the Paris Convention.

The group wrote, “We believe that the United States will lead global leadership and American interests in this important global effort, leaving a full partner.”

Globally, the green bond market can be more than $ 200 billion this year, which is more than twice the $ 93 billion released in 2016.

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