On Friday, the shares of American technology giant Apple Inc slips by 3%, A day after the reports claims that “The upcoming iPhone flagship to have “slower speed” as compare to its competitors smartphones.

It is expected that by this year Apple will update its iPhone, marking the 10th anniversary of iPhone, and suggestions that its technology may be  delayed because of the performances of high-end smartphones with the Android systems which can create a problem for Apple.

An Apple spokesman did not immediately respond to an explanation request.

Apple’s supplier Qualcomm Inc has sold modems that can download data at the latest speed of 1 gigabit, but according to Bloomberg report, competing chip maker Intel Corp’s modem are still not capable of this.

Since,  Apple mainly resists relying on a single vendor, it uses modems from both companies, but limiting the download speeds of Qualcomm’s fastest modems for all new iPhones to do the same, Bloomberg quoted anonymous sources as saying.

In 2017, the shares of Apple Inc, has risen by 29 percent, largely in anticipation of the iPhone update. The shares on Friday fell 3.5% to $149.60.

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