The court of China has ruled in a favor of Apple over a controversial patent dispute between domestic smartphone manufacture Shenzhen Baili and US tech giant Apple Inc, by canceling the ban on the sales of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus phones in China.

Last year, the Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau had ruled that Apple has infringed the patent design of Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Baili with its iPhone 6 and iPhone  plus model and it should be banned from selling those models in China.

On Friday, the Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau, has ruled in the favor of California based company.

According to the verdict of the court newspaper Renmin Fayuan Ribao which says that “The court ‘annuls the decision of the office’ and ‘acknowledges that Apple has not infringed the design patent flied by the Shenzhen Baili company.”

The Intellectual Property Bureau, and administrative body of Beijing Municipality, had ruled that Apple’s two phones have infringed a Baili design patent.

It has accused that the American firm has copied the external design of the Baili 100c smartphone, which summarized by a curved edge and rounded corners. But the Chinese court has ruled that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus had a functions that “completely change the effect of the whole product, and both phones are easily distinguishable in the eyes of consumers”, since Baili’s demand was incompetent.

When it took Apple’s position in December 2014, Baili was most promising electronic giant, and sought to exploit the telecom’s boom.

But since then the company has collapsed, hits by public criticism of its product seen as poor quality and many more in China’s ultra-competitive smartphone market.

Lat year, In May, a manufacturer of “iPhone” branded leather goods won a lawsuit filed by Apple as the court ruled Xintong Tiandi had registered the word as a trademark in 2007, while Apple smartphones did not officially go on sale in China until 2009.

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