Facebook has today, announced it’s new platform for developers, which will create a new impressions in cameras apps, by quoting that this will bring a augmented reality to the mainstream and position of Facebook in order to take advantage of the majority of the benefits.

Speaking at Facebook F8 developers conference, Mark Zuckerberg said that “AR will be the next major computing platforms and from today, this platform will be open for all the developers, so that they can begin their experiment with photo’s video’s filters, games, art projects, and many more.

While demonstrating its new Camera VR product, Mark showed some amazing camera effects. “User will soon see a thousands of augmented reality effects” he added. These go beyond the art frames the face and the filters, including 3D text and graphics.

In another demonstration, Facebook camera turned a two-dimensional photos into a 3D.A mundane image of an office with a chair transformed in various of ways: They seem to fill up with water, or inflatable balls, and even Skittles.

Mark Zuckerberg added “The Facebook camera will use object recombination to offer effects based on the objects. Ex: When you click on the coffee cup, you can add steams in it. Or click on a wine bottle and add a card with a vintage and presumably a link to buy it by yourself. Some of them are really interesting.”

Mark Zuckerberg claimed that “Facebook was little late to join the AR business. But he said that the object recogination technology and machine learning technology will give it an adventage over competitors.

“In spite of the fact that have slowed down the addition of cameras to all our apps a bit, I am sure that now we can promote this AR cameras,” he added.

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