A senior Facebook official pledged to “aggressively eliminate” the content of terrorism after British Prime Minister Theresa May called for tighter Internet regulations after a terrorist attack in London.

In an report published in Yahoo News, Facebook’s director for public policy Simon Milner said that “Facebook wants to “offer a service where people feel secure.”

“Which means that we at Facebook do not support and allow groups or people to engage in terrorist activities or messages that express the support for terrorism.”

“We want to create a hostile environment for terrorists,” Simon added.

The comment from Facebook head came after May called for stricter Internet regulations to stop terrorists from having a platform to recruit new members or plan attacks.

“We can not allow the safe area that this ideology should have,” May said. “Along with this, it is precisely the big companies that provide Internet and Internet-based services,” he added.

The statement from May came after a day when the another terrorist attack happened on England.

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