A year ago, Facebook made an astonishing announcement that the company is going to shut down it’s development platform Parse, A company which was acquired by Facebook in 2013.

Whereas the Parse stated that they will hold it’s online service till 2017, so that the developers can transfer their apps to it’s new “backend” service, that the time has finally come today.

It would be company’s last ever post on Parse blog, recalling it’s users that the company will disable it’s parse service by Monday ( January 30, 2017) the company also added that it will also disconnect it’s Parse API app-by-app basis.

More than 600,000 applications are currently running on Parse platform. It is known for it’s “backend as a service” product and provide SDKs and API to the developers to quickly gent an app and operate it without any efforts. The backend of the parse is build from scratch.

Whereas Parse was not the popular tool among the experienced developers, but it was an invaluable tool for small and current learning developers.

This, may be a reason that Facebook planned to kill it’s Parse platform.


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