On Friday, the full bench of the Bombay high court ordered YouTube and Google India to immaterially removed the unwanted videos contents posted on websites, which allegedly demonstrate the judiciary in a bad light and brings a bad reputation of the judges.

It was one of the historic hearing at the central courtroom packed with lawyers, plaintiffs and media representatives.

Heading the full bench, the chief justice Manjula Chellur said “The allegations of defaming the judiciary must be notified to the Registrar of the High Court, which in turn it will inform Google and YouTube about these reprehensible video clips.”

Court was listening to a petition filed by the Bombay Bar Association (BBA) on a complaint of contempt in which BBA challenged a YouTube video that allegedly showed a trial in a courtroom of the supreme court, and filed a corruption charges against the judge.

The Intelligence agencies can access this technology to track down the terrorist or other suspects.

BBA lawyer Srihari Aney told the court that, despite its earlier order, these videos are still being uploaded on the websites and that it should be stopped immediately.

The bench then order YouTube and Google India to ensure that such video contents are immediately removed if they are brought to their notice by the high court registry.

Earlier, the court previously issued a noticed to YouTube and Google India, asking them for the answer about why they should not be sued for contempt of court.

The petition filed a contempt action against the people who recorded and uploaded the video on YouTube to level the allegations of corruption against Justice S J Kathawala of the high court.

The petition said “The 38 minutes video uploaded last week by “Right Mirror” which copy the format of a news channel and shows a person acting as an anchor and taking the interviews of peoples including the lawyer Nilesh Ojha making an outrageous comment against the high court judge.”

Last month, A division bench of High court had order YouTube and other respondents to immediately remove those contents. “Considering the scandalous and contemptuous nature of the video, we are inclined to order the respondents to forthwith remove the offending video,” the court had said.

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