In a media report, after being criticized for placing “annoying” ads on their websites, Google is now moving forward with ad blocking plans and adding a feature that will block ads that do not meet company standards on Chrome browser.

In a statement quoted by Fortune, Google has confirmed that it intends to add a new feature to the Chrome web browser that can block all ads on websites that block certain types of ads and in some cases do not meet some standards.

Google said it wanted to work with publishers to help them to know which types of ads are no longer acceptable on the platform.

By default, Chrome will include ad blocking properties that are turned on by default. Ads that meet some annoying criteria will not be shown, and users will not show ads if a website exceeds a certain sub-limited ad threshold.

Some types of ads that are blocked include pop-ups, auto-play videos, and ads called prepaid ads that force readers to count down before seeing the page’s content.

Because many leading publishers rely on some or all strategies to increase their revenue from ads, Google allows users to display notes when their ads are blocked by third-party software.

This will allow readers to choose to disable the blogger or purchase a password that does not include ads or subscriptions of certain types for that site.

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