Today, the US tech giant Microsoft Crop has announced that it has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation which provides open source platform which is used by half of the tech companies.

Cloud Foundry Foundation has announced that Microsoft has joined as a Gold member where it will join other existing partners like Google, Huawei, Ford, GE Digital, NTT, Philips and Swisscom in supporting the project.

For a years, Microsoft has increased its involvement in open source and community projects and in 2016, it joined  Linux Foundation. Today, the company is a leading open source advocate of GitHub. NET open source.

Cloud Foundry is a first class citizen of Azure. In the past six months, the use of cloud foundry has increased by 300 percent.

“Microsoft is widely regarded as one of the most important cloud providers in the world,” said Abby Kearns, executive director of Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Cloud Foundry has the largest number of cloud application platform deployments in the world.” Organizations, and are deployed by most Fortune 500 organizations, we share a lot of users and are a common guideline for the organization’s cloud. ”

Corey Sanders, Partner Director, Microsoft, said, “The Microsoft and Cloud Foundry communities align with our mutual understanding of business and technical needs, and our commitment to helping organizations deploy applications. By joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we will be able to work with our members to contribute to the foundation’s inaugural initiative and to present Seoul. The Microsoft Azure platform for our customers and our communities. ”

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