Researchers has found that as compared to their Scientific publications, female scientists are more involved on twitter as compared to male scientist.

Researchers has said that “We have found that Twitter has been hired by scientists throughout the disciplinary spectrum, with excessive representation of social, computer and information scientists, under-representation of mathematicians, physicists and scientists in the life, as well as more representative representation of women compared to scientific publications”.

In the Study, Cassidy Sugimoto and her colleagues from the University of Indiana in the United States have created a systematic approach to identifying and analyzing scientists on Twitter. They have also explored the demography, by sharing the behavior and interconnection of identified scientists.

Researchers said “Our method allows identifying the scientist in many disciplines without taking into the account of external biographical data and it is easy to adopt to identify the other groups of stakeholders in science.”

With this method they ended up identifying 45,867 scientists from around the world, reported.

The ratio of female to male scientists on Twitter (0.62) was greater than the ratio of female to male authors on US-based scientific papers (0.43), the findings showed.

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