On Wednesday, thousand of Twitter accounts were got hacked, including high-profile accounts which were owned and operated by Forbes, Justin Bieber, BBC North America and hundred’s of other celebs accounts. As a result, they tweeted the propaganda related to the intensification of diplomatic conflicts in Turkey with Germany and the Netherlands.

Those Hacked account have published in same Turkish language tweets with swastika followed by hashtags #Nazialmanya and #Nazihollanda (#NaziGermany and #NaziHolland).

The tweet says: “This gives you a little #OttomanSlap” and makes links to April 16 – the next day Turkey will hold a referendum on constitutional changes that would consolidate the power of the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and potentially allow him to stay in office, After 2029.

This Tweets also contains a links to pro-Erdogan video on YouTube.


The Guardian reported that “the attackers also changed the users profile pictures and header images for some purpose, changing the main image to Turkish flag and the profile picture to Turkish-style coat of arms”.

Many of its users pointed out that all those hosted tweets appeared to be linked with Twitter Counter,an Netherlands based analysis app.

The attack occurred against the backdrop of tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands, a day after the Dutch government banned two Turkish minister for talking to expatriates in Netherlands before the referendum.


In an response, Erdogan accused the Dutch government for acting as “Nazi remains”, because of this Turkey has suspended high-level diplomatic relations with the Netherlands on Tuesday. Erdogan also blamed Germany fro behaving “like the Nazis” after the government banned the Turkish demonstrations before the referendum.

In an press released issued by Twitter, which said “We are aware of the problem affecting the number of the accounts holders this morning. Our teams are working closely and taking all the necessary steps in this matter.We have found the source that was restricted to a third-party application. We have immediately removed its permission, and No additional account are affected from this.”

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