Taxi drivers across Spain have been protesting on Tuesday which have set up a big arena in Madrid to protest what they think is unfair competition by e-driving companies like Uber and Cabify.

However, it appears that the market is playing a longer wear-and-tear on the market, which focuses on changing legislative alignment to enable other services in the future. In the first case Uber wants to put a hat on the market. The number of licenses for private cars – now there will be one per 30 cabs – to do more Über in the opera. Furious taxi driver

The anger claims that Uber’s opponent Taxi drivers, the target of various attacks on the market, including nine cars shot in Seville earlier this month.

According to the Spanish website, Uber argued to get rid of the VTC license cover needed to hire a car with a driver to “reduce city transport costs, create thousands of jobs and support more sustainable cities.” The report also published reports that were assigned earlier this month. “Significant economic and environmental benefits” arising from the liberalization of the VTC license.

In December 2014, a Madrid judge ordered Uber to end all city activities in accordance with legal challenges related to unfair competition on local taxi associations. Later in the same month Uber suspended the UberPop journey sharing service after a court order that used a different order than the previous war assumed and promised to ignore a restraining order. In many markets

While trying to change governance, it is far from providing local transport legislation compliance and limited services.

In 2015 in Barcelona, ​​the city administration changed the law by changing the ban on the possibility of stopping Uber’s large penalties and three-month motor vehicle violations. This measure helped to close the road. Although Uber will produce UberEats in the city in 2014, it may be possible to try to keep the riders warm, hoping that future regulatory changes will go a long way

But finally, at the end of the same year, he started to work with the city to change the rules on passenger transport services, saying he wanted to focus on “help build a new model in Spain”. They helped to make city trips and develop new business opportunities for thousands of people ”

One of the Barcelona taxi drivers who we talked about yesterday today, who planned the strike today, did not demand Uber for economic and social assistance. He also claims that Uber provides unrealistic revenue figures to try to attract to his new driver platforms. I’m thinking about keeping the price level right now to put pressure on trying to break the taxi service.

“Taxis are public services,” he added.

“We respect the rights of the taxi sector. It is undeniable that the urban movement has changed rapidly in the world … We want to deal with a fair exchange process with the public. And with the taxi sectors that encourage new mobility patterns in our cities, Not to be left behind, “he said.

La Vanguardia is demanding that the Spanish Taxi Federation create a general digital platform that allows customers to make reservations in Spain and to focus on improving the quality and competitiveness of services and tourism as a strategic sector.

They also need government funds to ensure their drivers get out of the job and get a repeat education. After a walk in Madrid, the group plans to present their ideas today with a document to be given to the Congress.

According to the weekly Euro Weekly, in July the Spanish taxi drivers made 2 more strikes. The spokesperson of the Barcelona Taxi Association said the group did not close the protest for an indefinite period of time.

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