On Thursday, the Finance Committee of Parliament of India saw that may members across the parties is divided on the question of demolition on the mode of Bitcoin transactions. The Parliamentary Members fear that Bitcoin could become a main tool for parallel cycling and black money transactions and to avoid sources of financing for terror source said.

Member of the House of Representatives Kirit Somaiya also asked about Bitcoin and asked the staff why the government was taking action. There is confusion about this instrument and it is unclear whether it is legally permitted or not.

He also learned to ask whether officials were properly briefed on this issue. While showing similar concerns, by the members Trinamool Congress Dinesh Trivedi, according to the source said. “Today’s information is new oil, and Bitcoin is the ransom financial platform.

At the meeting the Parliamentary members also asked the House, ¬†whether pushing the government for the digital economy is making a copy of a provision of cyber security foolproof, especially considering the recent wave of piracy worldwide, and if provided the Internet connectivity enough throughout the rural sector to ensure. Poor are not affected. Member of BJD Bhartuhari Mahtab learns that he has asked “how can the government decide if an individual should use cash, credit cards or other forms of transactions.”

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