The alliance of founders, executives and investors of Canadian technology companies, has called a letter on Sunday to Ottawa to provide immediately provide a temporary visa to the immigrants displaced by an order of the United states prohibiting the entry of the peoples from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The letter states that the “Executive order of US President Donald Trump, Temporarily disrupting the travelers from Syria and six other Muslim-majority countries and also set a deadline of four months to allow refugees to enter the United States, Affected several of our community.”

“Canadian technology companies realize the power of inclusion and the vast diversity of idea, and also the talent and skill have no boundaries,” according to a letter. Signed by more than 200 Entrepreneur.

“Many Canadian technology businessman’s are immigrants, the children of immigrants,and have been used and engaged by immigrants.

Jim Balsillie, Ex co-CEO of BlackBerry Ltd, said in tech Globe and Mail newspaper that “Politicians like (Trump) puts everyone in the business community on the brink because all the global companies have multicultural workforce, But it also have some possibility too”.

“If the Govt of Canada quickly implement the global skill visa for tech talent? We can strengthen our nations the place to attract the best talent.”

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