The Government of Karnataka has today passed a new law, stating that OlaShare and UberPool have to stop it’s services in Karnataka by Feb 3, and starting from today it’s services from today will be completely illegal.

Both the service “UberPool” an”d OlaShare” allow it’s drivers to share a taxi with anyone at lower cost.

The advantage of this service is very obvious. The Regular drivers tends to cut their taxi costs, the number of taxi trips are down, and with all that the service is more convenient as compare to other taxi

Although, Karnataka’s transportation service law do not allow taxi services todo several pic-ups and drops in same route. Taxis are olly allowed for point to point trips.

In an press released issued by Karnataka’s Road Transport and Road Safety Commissioner MK Aiyappa stated that “The share taxi’s services are not allowed to charge to it’s customers. The Ministry also clears that “The government is not against the carpooling by private car owners”.

Uber has replied to this law by launching a initiatives urging people to support UberPool. Uber CEO Christian Freese stated that “We think that UberPOOL meets the current law, right now there is no such push to halt the service. Currently, there is a discussion going on (with the transport department) right now, as we speak. However, we can solve their problem.”

She added the ride sharing is “always welcome” in Bengaluru and that they have to fix out the things with the government first and we are ready “sit down” with officials.

In an report published in PTI, Aiyappa has promised to ‘find out the solution’ if cab aggregators wants to continue to function it’s pool services. Same time, Uber claims that there is not official notice on the matter and that their services are legal.

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