On Monday, the two cyber security companies have announced an order for an advanced malware piece that could cause power failures by ordering industrial computers to shut down the electrical transmission.

According to Slovak security software maker ESET and US critical infrastructure security company Dragos Inc, the analysis of malware, known as Crash Override or Industroyer, shows that it is likely to be used for a pepper attack in December 2016,

This threat could lead to a fear that cuts the weak spots of cyberspace in energy networks that have intensified after the December Ukrainian attack and the power of that country a year ago.

Ukrainian authorities have previously blamed “Russia for attacks on its own network.” But, Moscow rejected responsibility.

Dragos founder Robert M. Lee said malicious software could cause disruptions to a few days in a part of the country’s grid, but not enough to overcome the entire grid of an country.

In an interview, Lee advised the government agencies and energy companies to take action against the threat by warning them about the threat.

According to Lee, a former US Air Force Operations Officer, if a utility can detect the Crash Override, especially if it detects the network for abnormal traffic, it also means that the malicious property is looking for a transformer center.

The Crash Override example, analyzed by Dragos according to Lee, has the ability to attack power operators in Europe.

“Small changes can be effective against the US,” he said.

In a press released, ESET spokesman said” he would not be able to comment before the company’s researchers were released.”

ESET, raporda, said the malicious software was “very likely” used in the attack in Ukraine in 2016. This meant that there was an activation time stamp on December 17, the day of the interruption.

According to Lee, Crash Override is the second piece of malware that has been discovered so far that can hinder industrial processes.

Malware was used in other attacks on industrial targets, including the Ukrainian electricity outbreak of 2015, but said human intervention was needed to intervene in operations.

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