A company official says Panasonic India has achieved 1,150 crore revenue in the consumer electronics sector with a growth of 35% in the business-to-business B2B (B2B) segment.

While talking with PTI Panasonic India’s director for B2B business Vijay Wadhwan said that “This year we are aiming for around 1.50 crore from the system sales department (B2B operation) for 2017-18,” “We were around Rs 850 crore last year.” The vast majority of their top line comes from B2B, but only in India, where the consumer segment is contributing more.

The B2B segment in India contributes 10% of Panasonic’s overall business activity. The Japanese company is located in India with 10 product groups, including projectors, panels, high-definition video conferencing, security systems, durable segment notebook computers (under the ‘Toughbook’ brand) and the B2B segment among others.

For the B2B segment, almost 37-40% of the business comes from viewing. The solution network is about 30%, the signage business is 20%, the rest are Toughbooks and Toughpads. “We see growth in all categories, security in India, not only governments and businesses, but also a huge deployment for homes, a segment that we will see as a major driver of growth,” said Toughbooks and Toughpads.

The company also sees banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector and national security requirements. E-governance projects are also influenced by the retail and education sectors.

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