On Saturday, Turkish Airlines, the largest flag carrier of Turkey  has announced that it will offer laptops in business class flyers, and month after the United Kingdom and the United States banned electronic devices from flights cockpits form certain countries.

After Trump came into the power, Washington has banned on the use all electronic devices which are bigger than a mobile phones, on the direct flights to the US from 10 airports including Turkey and seven West Asian countries,

Britain as followed a similar ban on five countries including Middle East and North Africa, as well as on Turkey. After the ban the Turkish Airways said that it will provide a solution to its travelers.

In a statement released by Turkish Airways on Saturday, said that “Starting from today, the national flag carriers will began to offer a laptops for business class passengers on the flights to the United States.”

Recently, Etihad Airways had announced that premium class passengers will be given free Wi-Fi and iPads during their flight.

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