On Tuesday, the Chilean Government said that “As Chile is seeking to expand its network of underwater fiber optic across the Pacific Ocean to China and south to Patagonia, a project which has bring the interested of many¬† international companies, including Amazon.”

The deputy telecommunication secretary Rodrig Ramirez said that ” Chile is one of the most developed countries in Latin America, it is relatively well connected with the point of view of telecommunications, but the networks will not be enough in the future.”

The internal project will connect villages in remote Patagonia in the far south of Puerto Williams at the tip of Cape Horn, and there will be a cable of this type in addition to the south of the planet, the Communications and Telecommunications Ministry said. The contract for construction will begin in September and will be subsidized in the amount of 64 billion Chilean pesos ($ 96 million).

Ramirez said “International companies have expressed an interest in the development of the region’s technology infrastructure, including Amazon and Google, the alphabet.”

Amazon is expanding the cloud of business around the world and is interested in creating more data centers – in America-do Sul, the company has data centers in Brazil alone. In March, the company signed an agreement with Chile to help modernize the country’s state systems.

In an interview with Reuters, Technical director of ministry Sebastian Beeche said that “The company has showed the interest in setting up the data centers in Patagonia.

Beeche als o added “President Michelle Bachelet would discuss this issue with the company representatives during a visit to Amazon headquarters.”

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