On Monday, Japanese officials arrested a 14-year-old boy for making a ransomware virus which was similar to WannaCry, a virus which effected millions of windows devices last month.

According to sources quoted by the Kyodo News Agency, the student, who admitted to the charges, who first uploaded that virus on a foreign website and then taught the forum to download and use the users.

The ransomware program which was created by this boy was downloaded more 100 times, which allowed the user to infect the victim’s computer and asked for virtual currency to be redeemed, although the economic losses have not yet been confirmed, the same sources have been added.

According to the state-run NHK television channel, a young boy who supposedly learned to create this type of program himself, revealed to the investigating authorities that he only wanted to become famous.

His arrest occurs after WannaCry ransomware has hit at least 150 countries and medical centers in the UK, large companies in France and Spain, rail networks in Germany, government institutions in Russia and universities in China.

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