In an interview with Reuters, Grab CEO said that “Grab may soon go for fund raising in future as it develop new products such as financial services and other services.”

Currently, Grab is one of the biggest competitor of Uber Technology in Southeast Asia .

While talking with Reuters, Grab’s founder and Group CEO Anthony Tan said that “I can not give you the exact time frame, but in the near future I can think somewhere in the near future, there probably could be more money coming in.”

In September, the Singapore-based company Grab secured $750 million as funding, with the company valuation of $3 billion.

Currently, Grab has a Chinese Didi Chuxing, China Investment Crop, Japan’s Softbank Group Corp and Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings (Pte) Ltd., a part of Vertex Venture Holding on board.

Tan also pointed out that the US company spent less on incentives per transaction that last year after steeping out from Chinese market.

Grab between current investors, Chinese Didi Chuxing, China Investment Corp, Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. and Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings (Pte) Ltd., a subsidiary of Vertex Venture Holdings has.

Currently, Grab operates in 55 cities across seven countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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