The internal space for food delivery on the Internet is likely to see another major step in consolidation. UberEATS and Zomato announced their intention to purchase Runnr for food and logistics, people familiar with the issue said.

According to the sources “the UberEATS proposal estimates Runnr at $ 50 million, whereas Zomato tied the cost to $ 30 million.”

Runnr was incorporated after the merger of two of the most well-known and well-financed start-ups of 2015, the hyperlocal logistics of Roadrunnr and the food delivery company TinyOwl, and brought together more than $ 50 million to finance.

“They are also at the height of financial investors for a round of financing of $ 6-10 million,” said another person aware of this. There are three options in the table for the company, but the decision has yet to be made. Both UberEATS and Zomato were included in the listing with different ratings.

Perhaps there is a chance that the round of financing can go on until the council decided to abandon the full sale, a person close to the case said that under the condition of anonymity. The term list is an optional agreement for potential investments.

Last year, Runnr began its activities with a consumer-oriented food market, and competed with companies such as Swiggy, Zomato and Foodpanda. Recently, he closed his customer-oriented business and returned to becoming a logistics company that is currently supplying other food suppliers. In fact, it has all three food delivery platforms as customers.

Last year Runnr had raised about $ 7 million in its new venture from its investors Nexus Venture Partners and Blume Venture Partners, while Sequoia Capital was not involved in fundraising.

Interest in Runnr comes at a time when logistics and delivery have emerged as key factors in implementing the differentiated consumer experience for industry players. Swiggy, who has learned to control about 80,000 average daily orders, manages his own deliveries, while Zomato with 60,000 average orders has been hiring deliveries.

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