The social media giant Facebook Inc, should remove all the messages that contents hate speeches, as the Austrian Court ordered that it was the legitimate victory for online campaigner that want social media companies wants to fight with online trolling.

The case was brought the Green Party of Austria over the insult its leader, -which said that it has international implications, as the Court ruled that the wiring must be removed through the platform, and not just in Austria, at a point which has been left open in the original decision.

It is all about how legislators across Europe are considering ways to force Facebook, Google, Twitter and other people to quickly remove hate speech or incitement to violence.

Last month, the German cabinet approved a plan to fine-tune the social networks to 50 million euros ($ 55 million) if they can not quickly remove such publications, and the European Union is considering new rules that operate throughout the EU.

A Facebook lawyer in Vienna declined to comment on the verdict published by Greens and was confirmed by the court spokesman, but Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On Friday, the Viennese appeals court ruled, that Facebook would have to remove the announcement and the hatred posting about the Green leaders Eva Glawischnig as well as any verbatim repostings, and said blocking them in Austria without removing them for foreign users was not. enough

The court said it was easy for Facebook to do so. However, Facebook said Facebook could not expect it to crawl through content to find similar articles instead of the hate speech.

“Green” hope that this decision will be further strengthened in the High Court of Austria. They want the court to demand that Facebook remove similar messages – not just identical ones – but to force it to identify holders of counterfeit accounts.

The Greens also want Facebook to compensate for losses, which would make it easier for persons in such cases to have a financial risk of a lawsuit.

“Facebook has to come to terms with accusations that this is the world’s largest platform for hate and that it does not do anything against it,” said Dieter Broz, a member of parliament from the EU.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that “there is no place for hatred on the platform, and the company published a political document about how it wants to work against false news.”

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