Alexa Voice Service (the voice service response software) which feeds the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot – is a leading Amazon tools to extend its services to a range of connected devices. Amazon is now planning to take it’s service internationally. In an press release Amazon has announced that Alexa Voice Services will now work in the UK and Germany, and it will support German and British language too.

With this step the consumers in any of this three market will be now able to use any devices with AVS to work with full range of Alexa services in this market, and they will be now able to commands to work in different languages. From the market regardless where they are.

Although Amazon is making Alexa available in three international market and in three different languages now, but still not every service will work everywhere. For example iHeratRadio which is live in United States, will not work in Germany and UK. Other services such as Amazon Music, which is extended its reach in Germany, Uk and Austria market last year, will be usable as well as Wikipedia and local Skills – another Amazon API project that will allow developers to design their own services to work on Alexa Voice Service.

As AVS expands to Germany and the UK markets, Amazon also planning this two the first markets to introduce it’s Echo and Echo Dot last year. This are the only market outside of North America till now. According to the reports¬† Amazon has a high intention to sell its own hardware – approx 10 million units in 2017.

Alexa was undoubtedly the most successful CES earlier this year, where integration appeared in telephones, refrigerators, lamps automobiles and many more, setting the bar for any company including Google, Apple and Microsoft.

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