An instant messaging giant WhatsApp has released a new Status feature for it users to show status inside user contact list.

This “Status” feature lets users to share photos, Gifs, or video with caption that will be visible to a selected friends for 24 hours, before disappearing.

If you’re caring about your status going live within your contact so that no one can see what you have updated.

Here a few simple tips you can do to hide Status feature:

Once you have updated your WhatsApp, you can see the Status tab were you can find the status which have updated by your friends.

Follow this simple step:

  • Go to status privacy option.
  • Click on”My contact except”.
  • Than to hide your status click on mark all (mark all is near your search tab).
  • After clicking on mark all you can see red cross mark on right side of your friend name.
  • Now click on a Green check mark button to save the setting.

Or follow this image:


[graphiq id=”bbCTZX0tutL” title=”WhatsApp” width=”500″ height=”810″ url=”” ]

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