On Monday, Airtel CEO and General Manager for India and South Asia, Gopal Vittal said that, “The data security breach is a real threat to everyone and that Airtel will most appreciate the privacy of its customers.”

While talking with reporters on Data security breach issue, Gopal vittal said that “Data security breaches are a real threat to us, everyone is vulnerable, we care about the privacy of our customers.

While talking about data security, Airtel also added that “We are very serious on this issue.”

It has been reported by Magiccapk.com on Sunday that, “It has hacked Reliance Jio’s database and posted user’s personal information on their website.”

The account claimed to have evicted the web site’s data on the platform was suspended.

In its press release Reliance Jio said that “”We ran into the unverified and unfounded allegations of the Web site, and Prima facie seems to have lost the validity of the data.”

“We want to assure our subscribers that the safety of the data is at the highest level and are safe, and the data is shared only with the authorities,” the spokesman said.

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