According to the new reports Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is planning to visit Venus, and to revisit red planet very soon.

In an hundred pages of the electronic budget documents, which is the first confirmation made by the government on these, the two new bold interplanetary stays for immediate neighbors of the earth.

This  news comes before the Indian Space Research Origination (ISRO) statement which states that ISRO to undertake the mega launch which will leave space not one, two or three but a full load of 104 satellites in a space in single mission.

Till today not a single country has tried to reach a space in one single attempt. In 2014, Russia was the first country who launched 37 satellites in a single launch with a modified intercontinental ballistic missile.

If everything goes under the plan on February 15th morning, ISRO will launch three satellites and 101 foreign satellites into the space including Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

With this launch India hopes to improve its previous world record by a whopping two and half times.ISRO is considered as the new kid on the block in the world space market for pitchers of billions of dollars,hopes to establish a point of reference for nations enviable loading space.

The second mars mission by ISRO is roughly scheduled by 2021-2022 in time and in accordance with the existing plans, it may also include robots on the surface of the Red Planet. The first ISRO mission of mars was done in 2013.

This mars mission would be probably be all about making good science, because the first one was a nationalist band on it is in an effort to surpass China at the Mars orbit, which is known as Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).

“This mission towards Venus is very useful as so tiny to understand about Venus, NASA recently shown its interest to join ISRO in Indian’s maiden voyage to Venus.” Watkins added.

By the point, ISRO and NASA have already begun their talks to start a joint studies on how to use the electric propulsion to push forward this mission.

The 101 satellites which ISRO is going to launch are mainly from Israel, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Switzerland, The United Arab Emirates counties and whopping 96 satellites of USA based private companies which are warmed up to ISRO as India offers cheap and reliable option, which includes Eighty-eight of the USA satellites that belong to a San Francisco based start-up company called Planet Inc which is sending a swarm of small 4.7 kg each satellite named ‘Doves’ to be send in the space including 3 PSLV satellite.


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