An international team of researchers have discovered the first observational and significant proof of our universe that might be vast and complicated hologram.

The Holographic Universe, an idea first put forward in the 1990s, is the one where all the information that constitutes our 3 D reality (plus period is contained in the surface of the 2 D on its boundaries.

Professor at University of Southampton, Costas Skenderis said “Just imagine that anything you can access, feel and hear in three dimension (and your experience of the time) actually comes from a plane two-dimensional region”.




Skenderis added “The concept is as like as an ordinary holograms, wherein a three dimensional image is encoded in the two dimensional surface, for example in a hologram on your credit card. Nevertheless, this time entire universe is coded!”.

While the holographic features can be seen as like watching a 3 D movie in the theater – for example, we can see the picture as having a height, width, and more import the depth – when, in fact, all of this originates from the plan 2 D screen.

Moreover, the difference with our 3 D universe is the fact that we can touch the objects and the “projection” is the “real” from our point of view, researchers says in a article published in the Journal Physical Review Letters.

He added “Holography is a giant leap ahead as we are thinking about the structure and the creation of the universe. Our researchers have been working for a decades to combine Einstein’s theory and the theory of quantum gravity Some people think that the notion of a holographic universe has the potential to reconcile the to. I hope that our researcher may take us one step forward of it.”

The researchers hope that their study will open the door to for our further understanding of the early universe and explain how the space and time came into being.


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