After getting a huge success of Pokemon Go, and somewhat success in Super Mario Run. Japanese gaming giant Nitendo Inc is now planning to bring its new video game for its users.

According to the Wall Street Journal reports, which claims that “Nitendo Inc, is now planning to launch a new game for smartphone users called ‘The Legend of Zenda’ a part from Nitendo’s video game franchise.

Details beyond this are few; It would probably follow the release of a well-known rumored  animals crossing mobile game, apparently, once everyone played it.

It is unclear what the series expects to represent exactly how they have represented the widespread discovery, confusion and struggle that has been described up to now.

So with the much more complicated Zelda series, it would have been rather difficult – twice as thick, so its  improbably good, considering that the breathing is so vast and unlimited. I guess it will repeat the pricing strategy for Mario if the Company is also unknown; Sales were not quite what we hoped for.

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