Apple is a progressive brand. But sometimes it’s a show from the company’s past that appeals to us. In this case, for 90 years, there were five digit figures in eBay auctions: a pair of vintage apple sneakers produced exclusively for employees.

Heritage Auctions has set a bid price of $ 15,000 for these irregularities. The limited-edition shoes were made for Apple employees in the early 1990’s and are rarely seen in photographs.

Heritage Auctions claimed that they were made by Adidas, even if you find no stripes here. Sneakers, white sneakers But with the old school logo of the old school rainbow attached to the side. It is a perfect combination of nerds and sneakerheads with great care.

Apple’s sneakers are under the gold spoon during the live auction on Sunday, June 11. There are also online auction services on eBay.

According to the reports, Apple sneakers may draw as much as $ 36,000 when everything is done.

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