On Friday, the Chinese authorities has said that “they have arrested 16 Apple contractors employees for illegally selling iPhone users personal information.”

In an statement issued by County Procuratorate stated that “Earlier this year, Cangnan county police of Zhejiang Province suspected the several ex-employees of Apple distribution department and contractors for stealing the personal data of users.”

In May, Xinhua news agency reported that “Police have charged 22 people, of whom 20 people worked for the two companies of Guangdong, Jiangsu and Fujian provinces.”

Till now only. 16 people have been arrested and four remain under investigation.

Prosecutors said that starting from August 2013, the chief suspects Yang, Li and Gan used their internal system to illegally check personal information of iPhone users.

They illegally obtained names, phone numbers, e-mail accounts and addresses from Apple customers.

Each item of information was sold at 10 to 180 yuan (USD 26.24).

The internal investigation claimed that, “They have made $7.35 million as illegal profit.”


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