Google’s Digital News Initiative has pledged £ 622,000 (US $ 805,000) to fund an automated news-writing initiative for the UK-based news agency, The Press Association. The money will be paid for the creation of the Radar (Journalists, Data and Robots), which is designed to produce around 30,000 local news articles per month.

The Press Association which has enlisted Urbs Media, the UK-based news story, for the task of preparing a software that could turn news content into tasty content. The team hopes that once it has been run, the software can fill some of the gaps that are already in need of care because of the universal financial tensions deepened by news rooms around the world.

The Associated Press is working in the United States, and mostly deals with financial and niche sports stories. A quick Google News search for “this story was created by Automated Insights” reveals hits from news stories across the United States.

In a press release, Press Association’s Chief Editor Peter Clifton called this move “real gaming converter”, emphasizing that the partnership will focus on the stories which can not otherwise be written because the local newspapers die. Of course, this huge fourth-estate extinction was fast, it was also quick to add that this step would not be completely removed from human touch

He said, “Skillful human journalists will still be important in the process, but the radar allows us to use artificial intelligence to increase the amount of local stories which will be impossible to provide manually.” People will be involved in action and editing stories and, hopefully, help in the possibility of accidentally publishing wrong information in an era, when “fake news” is equally prickly on all sides of the political spectrum There is insult.

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