With the introduction of three other programs, Start, Create and Scale, Google is expanding the scope and scope of its Launchpad startup project. This will help newbie to advise on specific requirements for their own growth stages.

In the five-day Start Program, startups – mostly in the idea phase – benefit from mentoring based on user experience, design, marketing and pitching. In the two-day program, Buildups are helped with technology staging validation, and in the Scale program, mentors address the design challenges of a fully-developed product.

Google Launchpad acceleration program Head and Chief developer Paul Ravindranath said “For these shorter programs, the acceptance level is 20% (of total applications). “We increasingly realize that while the total number of applications has fallen, those who apply are serious startups who have reached a minimum scale. Entrepreneurs are self-selected programs that are most valuable to them and are more articulate about what Exactly what they want to achieve from our programs”.

This Launchpad is of six-month acceleration program where the research giant works with mature initials to make them successful through marketing and connecting with the customer and the investor.

Six startups are selected for each class and a total of 26 startups have been selected so far. Google gets more than 200 apps. The search giant’s various startup programs are managed by its developer relations team whose mandate is to get more programmers to use Google products, tools and platforms.

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