Microsoft’s cloud computing platform will be used by China’s Internet Services Baidu to cooperate with the members of the self-driving car coalition, the companies have announced.

US software is one of more than 50 institutions, which joined the Apollo coalition formed by Baidu in April.

According to companies, Microsoft will be able to tap into coalition members to collaborate, share information and tap into analytical power of cloud cloud computing.

In a press release Baidu President Ya-Qin Zhang said that “Our goal with Apollo is to provide an open and powerful platform for the automotive industry ahead of the goal of autonomous vehicles”.

Companies did not say why the coalition would not use the Microsoft Cloud Computing platform inside China.

However, Beijing tightly controls Internet traffic in China, and it is unlikely that Microsoft’s platform will be allowed to do unrestricted work there.

Instead of developing your own self-driving car, Microsoft is playing for its strength in software by working with automotive companies on systems for turning huge amounts of data into sensors “action-worthy intelligence.”

According to the use of such technology, such as BMW, Ford, Renault-Nissan, Toyota and Volvo, or car makers US Technology Titan, plans to adopt Microsoft’s technology to help with services like driver, predictive maintenance and voice-controlled media. The announcement is made.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Kevin Dallas said, “Today’s vehicles have an impressive level of sophistication in terms of their capability to capture data already.”

“By implementing our global cloud AI, machine learning, and deep neural network capabilities for the data, we can speed up the work already being done to make autonomous vehicles safer.”

Most major companies and many other technical companies are pushing for autonomous driving efforts in recent years, these systems will end up with the vast majority of road accidents. Apple is the latest to get a test permit in California.

US-based Tesla is also investing in self-driving car capabilities because China and other parts of the world are firm.

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