The new range of products offered by Nokia includes smart and connected devices such as watches, scales, thermometers and blood pressure monitors that are designed for daily monitoring of parameters such as physical activity, weight, blood pressure, sleep, heart rate, and more.

Based on the model, those withings can monitor your heart rate or measure body composition. Nokia Steel monitors activity during the day and sleeps. The brand-linked thermometer contains 16 infrared (IR) sensors that take temperature readings from the temple at the side of the head.

These sensors can records up to 4000 times in two seconds, while the algorithm provides the most accurate temperature measurement. In the fall of 2017 Nokia will add a combined hairbrush. The Hair Trainer, which made an impression on the last CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, can analyze the quality of the user’s mane.

Whereas, Nokia Health Mate offers a full history of all your health data. It can monitor trends and help users track wellness programs and achieve goals to lose weight, reduce blood pressure, maintain activity, or improve sleep. Health Mate is billed as a true coach, collecting all the necessary data each day to help users improve their health.

With this comprehensive range of medical devices, users can check and monitor different types of health data daily.

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