Finally, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has came into the support of groups of twitter users who filed a case against the US Donald Trump this week.

Julian tweeted “I support this lawsuit against Twitter, It is a constitutional violation for a state official to block political comments”.


“The only exception” would be “if the user marks the same comment endlessly which would have the effect of denying other space to speak,” He added.

Last week, the group said that Trump’s twitter account is equivalent to a public forum as he as a government official cannot bar people from.


The Block users, who are representing the Knight First Amendment Institute in Columbia University, filed lawsuit against Trump, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Dan Scavino — the White House Director of Social Media.

The group claimed that the President’s blocking of users on the social network is “unconstitutional”.

The suit asked Trump to unblock the users.

In an argument, the blocked users said that”Twitter enables ordinary citizens to talk directly to public officials and listen to other people about public issues like this so that they can be gathered at a sidewalk or city council meeting”.

“By preventing people from reading their tweets, or viewing message chains and responding to them, Trump violated the rights of their first amendment because they expressed the views which they did not like,” he added.

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