Uber dodged the full closure of his auto efforts on Monday when a federal judge stopped to issue a temporary order against the company’s self-driving utility program, but bans Uber’s lead engineer Levandowski from being the part of LiDAR projects.

Uber confronted a preliminary injunction ordered by Judge William Albright in a legal fairy tale between the two companies. Waymo claims that Uber exec and Otto co-founder Anthony Levandowski downloaded tens of thousands of confidential classified documents related to the LiDAR design of Waymo. Just leave the company and use these documents to create your own driving technology at Otto and Uber.

(And very successful) attempted to prevent the Uber’s Levandowski in order declare that it had been removed as the leader of its own vehicle unit and would no longer care or participate in LiDAR development. Levandowski will continue to play a role in the Uber however.

Judge Alsup judged that the information gathered from Waymo’s work “leaked into” the development of Uber’s LiDAR technology, regardless of whether any documents were found on the computer and Uber devices.

Uber has argued that Levandowski was involved in the development of the LiDAR at Uber and that the company’s design was developed without any confidence in Waymo Uber’s technology. The LiDAR system, now called Fuji, is unique. Only because of the use of multi-lens lenses (not Waymo’s Grizzly Bear 3 or GrB3 with a single lens), Waymo emphasizes the similarity between circuit boards and Uber’s.

Levandowski has petitioned his fifth amendment to his own allegations throughout the case, and Waymo has filed a complaint with the arbitration claiming he uses confidential payroll data to smuggle Waymo employees and take them to the case. Judge Alsup rejected Uber’s request to restrict Waymo’s trade secrets complaint to arbitration and filed a suit with the United States Attorney for The criminal investigation is possible.

Since Waymo requested a preliminary injunction on March 10, Judge Alsup repeatedly warned that Uber was likely to find himself at the end of the Waymo order to try to use the Uber of the completely built LiDAR technology. – Levandowski claims that this technology is to be used to help start Uber’s independent driving program.

Uber’s self-driving program has begun to employ a significant percentage of the independent car research team at Carnegie Mellon University in the summer of 2015, but the report says Otto’s acquisition last month. In August, Otto’s CEO, Levandowski, was responsible for Uber’s overall driving effort after the acquisition.

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