On Tuesday, 4 July, another European strike broke out on Uber Technologies after the EU’s highest Court of Justice met with French authorities to bring the French laws into force.

The focus of the case, which began in 2016, is the kind of business overrun – a transport company or simply an app that connects passengers with drivers.

In 2014, France passed a law prohibiting the release of apps from the use of drivers who were not licensed as professionals and did not have insurance.

Ubersaid it has stopped its UberPop service, in 2015 and now only works with professional drivers. But in 2016, the French authorities brought criminal charges against the company to break the 2014 law.

However, in 2016, the French authorities brought criminal measures against the company for violating the 2014 law.

Uber tried to get rid of a technique that the EU countries had to report before they could change to the European Commission (the executive branch of the EU government) to regulate information society services.
The opinion of the Advocate General, which is not binding, is that France did not have to inform the Commission before the law was passed because the law did not fall into this category.

In taking that decision, the Advocate General referred to another non-binding opinion which he issued in May to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which defined Uber as a transport undertaking, not an application.

In a press release Advocate General, Maciej Szpunar said that “The Member States may prohibit and punish the illegal pursuit of a transport activity such as UberPop without informing the Commission of the draft law in advance.”

“The UberPop service falls within the sphere of transport and therefore does not constitute a service of the information society within the meaning of the directive,” Szpunar added.

While the final decision of the ECJ is due by the end of the year, the attorney’s opinion is often a good indication of how the judges of the court will rule.

“We have seen today’s statement and expect the final decision later this year,” said a spokeswoman in an e-mail to Reuters.

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