A ride sharing company Uber has today announced in it’s blog that the company is going to stop it’s service in Taiwan from Feb 12. But Uber does not confirm that when it will resume in the country, currently Uber is present in four major cities, but it hopes that this step will “rearrange the conversation between Uber and Taiwan Government” an help to push through it’s new law in order to legalize their services.

Uber has been in pressure over its legitimacy in the country for a while, with the regulatory bodies, taking the issue on how to use “unlicensed” drivers. The tension reached in its peak in December when the amendment lifted the huge penalty for Uber drivers caught by the authorities down to NT $25 million ($780,000) from the earlier range of NT $50,000 to NT $150,000 ($1,600 to $4,800). Earlier in November, Uber has been ordered to pay NT $134 million ($ 4.3 million) in presumed back taxes and penalties in Taiwan.

Whereas Uber suspended its service in Taiwan, the company said that it is working in number of fields, including obtaining local insurance policy, triggering “Cooperative efforts” with the local taxi industry, as well as adherence to the Government on Cross border e-commerce policy and corresponding proposed of traffic exchange.

Currently Uber have 10,000 drivers in Taiwan and it has completed over 15 million trips so far.


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