The Computer software giant Adobe, on Monday announced that “India has able registered over half of the 500 million new internet users worldwide, which have come on the board in the last three years.

According to the new report published by Adobe Digital Mobile Insights (ADI), which claims that India has a strong position in boosting the momentum of the smartphones and the number of new Internet users worldwide and in the Asia-Pacific region.

The report was based on overall analysis of 1.7 trillion visit to more than 16,000 websites between January 2014 to January 2017, which showed that the smartphones were the major sources of 500 million new Internet users across the globe.

Followed by China and Indonesia, which counted to 97.4 million and 15.7 million new Internet users respectively, reports added.

The reports claim’s “The smartphone traffic in India by 290% since 2014, which the desktop traffic was lower to 6% and the tablet traffic remained unchanged at 3 percent.

And when it comes to app installation, India led the market by 49 percent which was increased since 2014, in contrast to most of the countries like UK and US who have experienced a decrease a 9 % and 38% respectively.

The managing director for Adobe system for south Asia Kulmeet Bawa added “India have a great market potential and the growth number show a huge legroom for the adoption of mobile technology in the big way”.

The report indicates that the internet consumers in developing countries, are neglecting PC’s and Laptops and go straight ahead with smartphones to access the internet. The smartphone growth in this region have increased by 34 percent as compare to the developed countries.

The reports claims that, India, which has a huge share of internet smartphone traffic,is showing no signs of slow growth.

“With a projected 46 percent of  smartphone share market in the world by 218, the rapid expansion of digital history of India, present a great opportunity for the marketers.”

Bawa added “The companies who are focus on providing persuasive customer experiences and using the powerful mobile penetration to enhance their marketing efforts are likely to gain a competitive advantage in the future.”

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