Although Airbus’s aircraft may remain immutable, reality does not stop the aerospace company from obtaining an autonomous helicopter from the ground. The demo version of the optional VSR700 (OPV) pilot has recently carried out the first pilot flights that took place next year as part of the first complete prototype flight.

In the previous flight, the helicopter successfully take off and landed, which have made a stable flight and maneuver. The “safe pilot” was in the cockpit in the event of a multi-channel automatic flight control system failure.

The VSR700 was developed in the partnership between Airbus helicopters and Guimbal helicopters. The latter is the manufacturer of the existing Cabri G2 helicopter, which serves as the base from which the VSR700 is derived.

This flight is Capable of carrying  pay loads of up to 250 kg (551 lb) and capable of remaining in the air for at least 10 hours depending on the application, primarily intended for use by navy unmanned aerial vehicles.

It also said, thanks to the various optical sensors and maritime / surface-based radar, it could also be used in land-based military operations to carry out the ISTAR mission (intelligence acquisition and reconnaissance mission).

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