On Sunday, during business summit in Washington, Apple CEO Tim Cook stressed the ‘economic impact’ that the company is having on India at a meeting with Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi, as the iPhone maker seeks deeper access to the world’s third largest smartphone market behind the United States and China.

Tim met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a business summit in Washington at a time when Apple Inc was targeting the developing Indian market as a source of income after its sales in China slipped.

Apple invited Indian government officials to conduct a series of tax and political changes to help build their iPhone assembly in the country. He seeks permission to open his own retail stores in India, where he currently sells iPhone through intermediaries.

According to a person familiar with the discussion, during the meeting with Modi, Tim Cook said that Apple expects that its Indian operations will be completely launched from renewable energy sources within the next six months.

Cook confirms that Apple has created 740,000 jobs in India via “app economy”, and Indian developers have created nearly 100,000 apps for the App Store.

Narendra Modi talked to Cook and other US corporate leaders at a meeting with President Donald Trump on Monday.

Apple is closing working with contract manufacturer Winstron to start production of the iPhone SE in Bengaluru last month. Indian officials have offered tax concessions for apples for work, with the requirement to use more local ingredients over time.

Apple is looking for India after sales in China was decreased significantly by 14 percent year on year to $ 10.7 billion. In the last quarter.

Apple did not disclose how much revenue the company have made in India. But it said  that sales rose from strong to double digits in the last quarter.

Cook told analysts about Apple’s efforts in India during the company’s recent revenue hike, “We have a lot of energy coming into the country in many ways. “We believe especially now that 4G infrastructure will be in the country and will continue to expand, there are many opportunities for Apple to have.”

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