On Saturday, Google Inc has said that it will challenge the amended tax assessment charge which was issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which is trying to cut a billions of dollars from the multinational corporate in the name of unpaid taxes.

ATO has said that it has a closer look on the taxes which are paid by multinational companies who are operating in Australia. In December, ATO claimed that it has follow-up the seven global businesses with over $ 2 billion ($ 1.50 billion) of unpaid tax.

As the ATO did not mentioned the names of those seven companies, Australia’s Google division, said in the accounts filed under the Securities and Investments Commission that it would “file an objection” to the tax demand from the ATO.

In an press released Google said “The company will continue to maintain their positions against each and every one of these claims.”

However, Google and the ATO both declined to make any comment on how much the company’s modified tax bill was.

In April, Treasurer Scott Morrison said that the country expects to recover $ 2.9 billion of companies under the legislation act.

Last year, Google Australia has restructured its operations to comply with the legislation and its financial statement shows an increase in income and tax for the 2016 calendar year as a result.

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