According to the latest news, both The Chinese and Canadian government have signed a new agreement claiming that both the two countries will not conduct any state-sponsored cyberattacks against each other, aimed at stealing trade secrets or any other confidential business information.

A statement released on 22nd June on the Canadian Government showed that, “The agreement was reached during the negotiation between Daniel Jean, the Canada’s national security and intelligence adviser and Senior communist party official Wang Yongqing.

An unnamed Canadian government official told Globe and Mail, said that “This is something that three or four years ago when Beijing didn’t showed any interest in the conversation.”

This agreement only covers economic cyber spying, which includes hacking of corporate secrets and proprietary technology, but it does not act in state-sponsored cyber spying for intelligence gathering.

In an press release the Canadian government said that “Both the two side has agreed that neither country’s government would conduct or knowingly support cyber-based attack on intellectual property, including trade secrets or other confidential business information, with the intent of providing competitive advantages to the private or commercial sectors.”

A year ago, the United States have also blamed, Beijing of sponsoring hacking attacks on companies to obtain sensitive foreign technology. China has rejected these accusations and says it is a victim of the attacks at the same time.

The Obama administration, after putting the US sanctions against Chinese individuals and companies for cyber attacks against commercial targets, in 2015, China and the United States had a similar understanding of corporate cyber espionage.

US Cyber security officers and government advisers said violations attributed to Chinese-based groups were falling throughout the contract.

China has put a new cyber security legislation designed this month to strengthen its critical infrastructure; Many global technology firms and lobbying laws are prone to foreign firms.

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