In an report published by Global networking giant Cisco which claims that, by 2021 India will have 1,300 million mobile-connected devices and in that almost 60% of  of the mobile connection will be ‘smart’ by 2021 up from 19% in 2016.

According to the Cisco’s  11th Annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) reports, which states that by 2021 the mobile data traffic in India will grow seven times and mobile video traffic will show an increase by more than 11 times as compare to now.

The report also claims that “By 2021, the Video consumption will be 75% of mobile data traffic in India as compared with 49% at the year end of 2016 and 3G connection will exceed 2G connection by 2019.”

The report also claims that in 2016 more that 59.6 million net new devices and connections were added in India to the mobile network.

The Cisco Managing Director for (Service Provider Business) and SAARC, Sanjay Kaul says “Most of this growth will be caused by the mass consumer of smart phones, IoT, Smart devices and the use of the compounds of machine-to-machine with above 1,300 million mobile-connected devices by 2021.”

Globally, more people are using mobile phones than bank accounts or even landlines.

By 2021, more than 5.5 billion people will be using mobile phones around the world, reports claims

“The strong growth of mobile users, smartphones and IOT connections, as well as the improvements in the network speed and video consumption, will grow the mobile data traffic by seven times in next five years.” It added.

It is also envisaged that the large-scale deployments of 5G connection infrastructure will begin in 2020.

The report claims “The average smartphone in India generates 559MB mobile data traffic per month in 2016, as compared to the 2015 which generated 430 MB, “and mobile traffic per mobile-connected end-user device will reach 1,492 megabytes per month by 2021, up from 251 megabytes per month in 2016, a CAGR of 43%.


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