Wikipedia has today announced that, Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist  has donated nearly a half a million dollars towards Wikipedia’s “Community health initiative”, which aims to reduce  bullying and vandalism on the site and improve the tools that moderators use every day to maintain peace inside the community.

This may not seems so, but Wikipedia is in a war zone. The war between Publishers, bots and vandals who are in constant battle, and of course as with content itself,moderation and mitigation of the battle is upto a group of volunteers too. They need a tools that actually works.

“In order to ensure the viability in Wikipedia, the right person needs to work together to prevent trolling, bullying and cyber-harassment intervention by the common good,” In the Wikimedia’s blog Craig wrote that “By the year end, I will support the work of the Wikimedia Foundation to prevent harassment.”

The $250,000 in donation each from Craigslist Charitable Fund and the Craig Newmark Foundation will go to the Wikimedia Foundation to initiate the community health initiative.


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